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If you have been injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses relating to the accident. While South Carolina has workers’ compensation provisions for those who are injured on the job, getting the benefits you deserve isn’t always easy. Attorney John Brickhouse can provide you with the seasoned legal advice you need to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your case.

There are many jobs in South Carolina that are considered “dangerous.” Although accidents and injuries can happen in any line of work, construction workers, factory workers, and office employees are more at risk for injuries than individuals with other types of jobs. Medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses can quickly put families under extreme financial strain following an on-the-job accident, making it difficult for life to get back to normal. By working with a seasoned South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer, you can learn more about your rights to workers’ compensation benefits and get the guidance you need to navigate through the complex process of getting financial restitution.

The Benefits of Consulting with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Your Area

Although workers’ compensation can be filed for and received without the help of an attorney, this may not be in your best interest. John Brickhouse has a successful track record helping clients get the maximum amount of benefits in their case, and can apply his unique expertise and resources to your circumstances. When you work with Attorney Brickhouse, he will:

  • Thoroughly review your case to determine where its strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Assist you in completing the critical accident report
  • Help you gather the necessary documentation to prove your case
  • Communicate directly with your employer and/or your employer’s legal team
  • Aggressively pursue the maximum benefits, including bringing forward a personal injury case to seek a larger settlement and/or punitive damages in situations where gross negligence was a factor

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Will your employer dispute your workers’ compensation claim?

Employers often don’t relish the idea of paying out workers’ compensation claims, and many will attempt to blame the employee for the accident or injury. If your employer disputes your case, it is even more important to obtain the services of a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

Will you will be required to see a doctor that your employer has approved?

Be wary of receiving medical care from your own physician for any conditions or injuries that are related to the accident at work. Your employer has the right to require that you see a physician of his or her choosing, and any medical expenses from unapproved facilities or physicians may not be covered under your workers’ compensation claim.

Does your employer have to do anything wrong for you to receive workers’ compensation benefits?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for your employer to have made a mistake or to have done anything wrong for you to obtain workers’ compensation. Paying out workers’ compensation benefits is not an admission of guilt on your employers’ part. Accidents happen, and in many cases, injuries at work are no one’s “fault.”

In cases where gross negligence was at play, or you are temporarily or permanently disabled, is it in my best interest to file a personal injury claim as well?

Sometimes medical bills and lost wages will far exceed what a workers’ compensation claim will pay out. In these cases, it may be prudent to explore filing a personal injury claim against your employer, the company, or even an equipment manufacturer if the possibility of negligence or carelessness exists.

When to Contact a Charleston Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured on the job, it is critical that you reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Charleston, SC as soon as possible in order to protect your right to financial restitution.

John Brickhouse is well versed in the laws that apply to South Carolina workers’ compensation cases, and can provide you with comprehensive legal representation from the start of your case to the final verdict. Contact Attorney Brickhouse today to discuss your case and to begin creating a plan to obtain the maximum benefits available to you.

The personal attention I received from John Brickhouse during my lawsuit made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. The insurance company tried to deny everything, but John fought tooth and nail to make them pay for the damages they caused. John always made himself available for me and tirelessly fought for my best interests. I highly recommend him.


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